Algeria Receives Its Firefighting Aircraft Fleet

A new fleet of Air Tractor 802 planes arrives to combat summer wildfires

✏️ BY: Dr. Hana Saada

Algiers, Algeria | June 17th, 2024 —  This weekend, Algeria received its much-anticipated Air Tractor 802 aircraft, ordered to bolster the nation’s firefighting capabilities during the summer months. Tassili Travail Aérien announced on its Facebook page the arrival of a squadron of these advanced firefighting planes.

The squadron landed at the Sayada base of Tassili Travail Aérien. In total, Tassili Travail Aérien is set to receive six Air Tractor 802 aircraft, each capable of carrying and releasing 3,000 liters of water.

Back in February, Interior Minister Brahim Merad announced the imminent arrival of five aircraft, with a sixth expected by the end of the year.

These water-bombing planes will be allocated to the command for forest fire control during the summer season. The aircraft will be strategically stationed across bases in Béjaïa, Chlef, and Annaba to ensure coverage of high-risk wildfire areas.

The Civil Protection Agency has indicated that the AT 802 planes will be deployed wherever there is a need, ensuring a rapid response to wildfire outbreaks.

In addition to these permanently acquired planes, the authorities have also arranged for the chartering of seven more aircraft dedicated to fighting forest fires. This move underscores Algeria’s commitment to bolstering its firefighting resources and mitigating the devastating impact of wildfires.

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