International Arbitration Advisor, Meheri Belkhir, Shines as Exceptional Algerian Figure

Recognized by the International Arbitration Center for Outstanding Contributions in 2023

BY: Dr. Hana Saada

ALGIERS- Dr. Meheri Belkhir, an International Arbitration Advisor hailing from the province of Ouargla, has been making significant strides on the international stage. His outstanding expertise and dedication to elevating Algeria’s standing in global forums have earned him the title of the Best Personality of 2023 by the International Arbitration Center based in the Arab Republic of Egypt, operating under the auspices of the United Nations.


This prestigious accolade is not arbitrary; rather, it reflects the recognition and distinction accorded to Advisor Meheri Belkhir for his unwavering commitment and substantial efforts in his field of work. His endeavors extend beyond professional realms, encompassing active participation in humanitarian, social, and cultural initiatives. Belkhir actively promotes the values of peace, love, and tolerance among nations.

Those close to Advisor Belkhir assert that he prefers to operate behind the scenes, avoiding excessive visibility. He believes in working silently but diligently, guided by the principles embedded in the Algerian state’s foundations, as articulated in the November 1st Declaration. This approach has earned him international respect without seeking fame or enhancing his name through television and radio appearances or populist programs that trade in ideas.

His steadfast principles remain unchanged, making him a figure of international respect without pursuing celebrity status. This simplicity and the genuine demeanor of an ordinary Algerian among his community members contribute to his unique standing.

Advisor Meheri Belkhir, a native of Ouargla, is considered one of the highly capable and professionally distinguished individuals who, despite their high competence, continue to face marginalization. His wealth of experience in business management has allowed him to demonstrate remarkable acumen, earning him respect globally.

Belkhir holds a doctoral degree in business administration from the International University of Moscow. His commitment to principles and genuine contributions has positioned Algeria prominently in his field. He is recognized as one of the finest administrators at the local level in Ouargla. He currently holds the position of Director of the Casnos Agency in the Wilaya of Ouargla.

Despite the challenges of being marginalized, sources reveal that it is time to protect dedicated professionals serving state institutions from disruptors seeking to undermine high-performance stability. These individuals, like Advisor Meheri Belkhir, earnestly contribute to their responsibilities with sincerity and devotion, working against those attempting to transform their service into a battleground for personal agendas.

Advisor Meheri Belkhir’s journey is not only a personal success story but also a testament to the potential for Algerian expertise to shine on the global stage, emphasizing competence, dedication, and humility as guiding principles.


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